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How confident is your smile? If you feel like a brighter, whiter smile will make you feel more confident and attractive we might be able to help. At H-smile our hygienists will offer you a range of dental teeth whitening solutions that can help restore beauty and sparkle to your smile. Whether it is wine, coffee, tobacco, or just the effects of time that have stained your teeth, we’ll work on improving your smile in one short office visit. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your teeth-staining pleasures, our teeth whitening treatments last up to 12 months, with most patients coming back for follow-up treatments within that time period.

Teeth whitening is what we do and the results speak for themselves! Just check out our before-and-after gallery to see some amazing teeth whitening results. Please note that not all clients are suitable candidates for a whitening treatment. To identify whether teeth whitening is a right option for you please call our office to book a complimentary consultation.

In our clinic we use a teeth whitening system activated by LED light that whitens your teeth with minimal sensitivity. With a thorough exam and by discussing your individual needs our hygienists can help you achieve a brighter smile in under 1 hour.  Our in-office whitening is done  in one short office visit, so if you are looking for immediate results with less hustle, in-office teeth whitening is your solution.


Our dental teeth whitening procedure is very simple. A whitening gel that has  no fillers or additives is applied to teeth and coupled with cold blue light technology to accelerate the whitening process. All ingredients contained in our whitening gels are made without any harsh chemicals, animal by-products or preservatives. In addition, these gels have a neutral based PH, that helps reduce painful sensitivity associated with teeth whitening.  Each treatment runs from 15 to 30 minutes. We typically perform 1 to 2 treatments on a patient during the same teeth whitening session, and the more treatments are performed the better results you will get. Two treatments are generally enough to achieve an immediate whitening results.

After the procedure

We encourage our clients to use our take-home whitening products to maintain the teeth whitening results achieved during the in-office teeth whitening session. We offer a wide variety of take-home teeth whitening products ranging from custom teeth whitening trays to teeth whitening gel pens and non-peroxide teeth whitening foams.

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