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Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing many dental conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath and many other dental emergencies. Regular checkups and teeth cleanings are the best way to make sure that you are maintaining good oral health. In our Dental Hygiene office in Richmond Hill you will receive a truly personalized service aimed at perfecting your smile. From the moment you arrive our friendly team will make every effort to make you feel at home. You will enjoy our massage chair and a warm cup of tea while filling in your medical history forms. You can watch a movie of your choice or enjoy some relaxing music during your dental hygiene appointment. Our clinic offers professional dental hygiene services in Richmond Hill. Visit us today to improve and maintain your oral health, so you could use your smile to change the world!

Dental Hygiene Services:

  • Teeth Cleaning Richmond HillAssessment of Oral Health

Your initial visit to our dental hygiene office in Richmond Hill will begin with a thorough external (head and neck) and oral (teeth and gums) examination, as well as oral cancer and caries screening. Our dental hygienist Richmond Hill will review your main concerns, medical and dental history and overall state of your oral hygiene. All findings will be discussed with you to set up appropriate dental hygiene goals and prepare your treatment plan.

  • Teeth Scaling/ Debridement

In order to maintain a healthy mouth and a bright smile our teeth cleaning Richmond Hill dental hygienist will remove all deposits (plaque and calculus) from the surface of your teeth above and below the gum line. In our office we use the latest technology, such as EMS Piezon Scaler and CavitronPlus.

  • Teeth Polishing

Polishing is a procedure used to remove stains from your teeth. Depending on your preference, our smile experts will use a classic method applying fluoridated polishing paste or advanced method using Air-Flow 2+ machine with Prophy powder. Effective and comfortable for patients, the AIR-Flow 2+ is the most advanced teeth polishing system. Swiss precision and design combined with the latest high-tech materials used to remove stains and plaque aid in prevention of caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, as well as maintain implants.

  • Periodontal Treatment

We offer the following types of treatment:

– Non-Surgical laser gums treatment
– Air-flow periodontal treatment (subgingival plaque removal)
– Periodontal Irrigation with antibacterial agents

  • Fluoride

Fluoride treatment is great for clients with previous history of teeth caries or sensitivity. It aids in remineralization and strengthening of teeth enamel.

  • Sealants

Pit and fissure sealants are another way to prevent cavities on newly erupted teeth. After a thorough cleaning of tooth surface with a special powder, a liquid sealant material will be placed on the deep grooves of your tooth and cured with light to harden. This procedure prevents food impaction and bacteria penetration through the enamel.

  • Desensitization

Our hygienists will use different types of desensitizing agents to eliminate hypersensitivity.

Trust us with all your dental hygiene needs and book a convenient appointment today! Our friendly staff members are standing by to assist you.

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